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18 Nov. 2008 | You’ve found the official and one-and-only website of Hanny van Arkel. “The Dutch schoolteacher and Queen admirer who discovered Hanny’s Voorwerp”.


Which is me. And I’m typing this from the apartment I share with my German Shepherd Janey. It is located in the very southeast of the Netherlands, in a city called Heerlen. My website is in English though because I want my English friends to be able to read my stories too. Anyway, my birth year is 1983, so at the time of writing this, I’m a quarter-of-a-century-years-old. I’m a teacher, whose career has been very exciting so far. When I’m not working I’m playing guitar, or listening to someone else doing that. And when I’m not doing that, you can probably find me in the zoo. The Galaxy Zoo that is. ‘Galaxy Zoo’ is an online project, where real astronomers have asked ‘the public’ to help them classify galaxies. Queen’s guitarist Brian May posted about it on his website, which led me to find an object nobody had ever seen before.


After all that has been written about me and ‘my object in the sky’ I decided to create my own space on the net. Here you can read the latest about what we’ve found and how that’s affecting my life. Everything written on this site are my personal thoughts, experiences and words – unless stated otherwise – but I had a lot of support from friends starting it.


You can find my first post here. I hope you enjoy reading along!


Hanny van Arkel.

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“One could spend many happy hours at your website.” – Jim.

“Your new site – rocks – literally!” – Mike.

“Just a thought: your photography is great!” – George.

“Keep up the good work.” – Tom.

“It’s such a pleasure jumping into your world for a while!” – Maria.

“A very impressive website and you are clearly very active on various fronts!” – Guy.

“I really dig your website!” – Rob.